About Scotia

Scotia Web Design Limited is based in Armadale, West Lothian and is owned and operated by Jason Lafferty, an IT Professional since 1986.  As well as owning Scotia, Jason is also fully employed as an Oracle CRM Application and Systems Administrator with a company that’s he’s been with for over 20 years, during this time Jason has worked as a Network Administrator, Lotus Notes Administrator, Lotus Notes Developer, Web Developer and has worked with Oracle CRM since 2007.

Jason started playing with websites back in 1998 as a drummer for Linlithgow and District Pipe Band.  The band wanted to have a website to try and attract some sponsorship and paying events to help fund its running costs and after several months and four different attempts there was something worth looking at.

In 2000 as the band travelled to competitions week in and week out, the site had become an avenue to publish the results of the competitions the band were attending.  Very quickly contest administrators from other events would get in touch to have their results placed online and by 2002 the Linlithgow website was being visited by thousands of people every month who were looking for results to competitions.

At the end of 2002, Jason was approached by the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association to do what he was already doing but in a more official capacity and so in 2003 Scotia Web Design Limited was born with it’s first and only customer.  That site is still operated by Scotia today and in 2013 over 318,000 unique visitors downloaded over 19,000,000  (yes MILLION) pages of content from the RSPBA site.

As Scotia began to grow, the theme of piping and drumming stayed strong.  RSPBA branches, pipe bands, piping and drumming manufacturers would all become customers over the next few years.  Over time, more traditional companies including recruiters, building, plumbing, roofing, photography and financial would approach Scotia to have their sites built.

Today Scotia has over 30 customers, many of whom have been with us for many years now.  The business is still part time, and Jason still only takes on work that can be committed to.  The focus is still on offering affordable solutions to small businesses and organisations and empowering customers with content managed solutions should they choose it.

So, whether you require a simple 2 or 3 page presence site, or a product catalogue with e-commerce then Scotia has a simple, affordable solution for your business.

Thanks for taking the time to look around our website, if you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.