Email on Windows Live

The basis of this guide was supplied by our friends and hosting partner over at Namehog and is reproduced with their permission.

1. In Microsoft Windows Live 2011, from the down arrow to the left of the Home menu, select Options, then click on Email Accounts…

2. You can see the screen below, you need to select Add….

3. On this screen select and click on E-mail Account, then click Next

4. In the E-mail address field, enter your email address as setup in CPanel, followed by the passowrd that you assigned to that account, ensure you have not got CAPS lock on as its case sensitive. In the Display Name field, enter you full name. You now need to select the box“Manually configure server settings” and then click Next.

5. From the dropdown menu “Server Type” you need to select POP. Once you have done this, enter in theIncoming server box. In the Login ID box you need to enter your email address the same as in step 4. In the outogoing server box, type and then change the Port number from 25 to 26 (This is very important). Once you have done this, tick the box at the bottom “My outgoing server requires authentication”, then click Next.

6. If you have followed the above steps correctly, you should now be presented with the screen below, simply click on Finish if you are happy with it.

7. You will now see the following screen, select the account by clicking once on it, then click on properties, alternatively you can double click the account.

8. You will now see the General tab which has the top field highlighed. We advise that you change the fields on this page to the ones outlones in the next step as this is what people will see when you send them an email. Please ensure that you change the top field on this page and also add a Reply address in the same as the E-mail address. This is quiet important as your email might not work properly if you don’t do this. Once you have changed these parts, click on the Advanced tab along the top.

9. Please now check that the contents of your boxes matches these ones. It is critical that the Outgoing SMTP port number is changed so that it is 26 and NOT port 25. Once you are satisfied, click on Apply then OK.

10. You will now see this screen, the Accounts screen. which you can simply click on Close.

11. Your account is now setup and ready to use. If you have multiple accounts, please repeat steps 1 through to 10 with the other account information.

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New Decade – New Logo

As Scotia Web Design completes its first decade in business we decided that as well as refreshing the website it was also time to give the logo a make over as well.


Gone now is our map of Scotland with the Saltire through it, as much as we loved that and what it stood for when the business was created there is now so many logo’s out there that look like it or indeed are it!

So, here we have it, our new identify and colours which will be officially in use from April 2013 as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We hope you like the new look.

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Scotia Web Design


Scotia Web Design


Content Managed Website using Responsive Design across devices.

Go Live

March 2013


This website


WordPress using Responsive Theme design


A much needed update to our own website.  This site uses WordPress allowing it’s management from both phone and tablet devices, and has been developed using responsive themes making it’s content easily delivered to mobile devices as well as traditional desktop browsers.



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Email on iOS Apple Devices

The basis of this guide was supplied by our friends and hosting partner over at Namehog and is reproduced with their permission.

1. From the Home menu on your iPhone or iPad tap on the Settings icon.
2. Slide down your settings page to the bottom and tap on the “Mail, Contact, Calendar” section.
3. This screen shows the accounts page.Tap on “Add Account…” to start the account creation process.
4. From this screen, you need tap the “Other” option.
5. From the Other menu, you need to select “Add Mail Account”.

6. On the New Account information page you need to specify a few things. To enter the data, tap your finger on the relevant field.

Name: Your full name as you would like it displayed.

Address: This is your email address as you setup within CPanel.

Password: This is the password that relates to the email address you created within CPanel.

Description: This should be filled already in with your email address. But its probably best if you change it to your name as in the Name field above.

Once you have filled these parts in, tap the Save button at the top.

7. You should now see a screen where you can select if you would like to set the account up as IMAP or POP.


Unsure of the difference?

If you select IMAP it will store the emails on the server and sync your device with messages and folders and you can still read and download them elsewhere.

Selecting POP will make it so that the emails download to the phone and nowhere else. This could be the best option for you unless you want to just see emails when you are out away from your main PC, but you will be managing your mail in two places.

You need to them fill out all the fields on that screen as per steps 8 and 9.

8. Example settings to setup your new email account on your iPhone.

9. Continuation of example settings to setup your new account.

Once you have filled in all the settings ensuring they are correct, tap on Save at the top of the screen.

10. You will most probably see this screen once you have tapped on Save. You need to select“Yes” to continue without SSL.
11. Your iPhone will now try to verify the account settings, this will be successful if you have specified the correct information.
12. If you see this screen, you will have made a mistake of some description with the settings which you will need to adjust as per steps 7 through to 9.

13. Once you have completed the setup, you will now see this screen with your account listed. We now need you to tap on your account to enter the settings again.

14. Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and tap SMTP to enter the settings.

15. You will now see a screen very similar to this, you need to tap on the primary server line to enter the settings for SMTP.
16. At the bottom of this screen you will see the Server Port set to 587, you need to change this so that it says 26. So tap where it says 587 and a numer pad will appear as per step 15.

17.The number pad has now appeared and you should have replaced where it says 587 with the number 26. Once you have done this, tap the back arrow SMTP button at the top to return.


You will need to tap the same back button at the top of the next screen too. This will take you to the screen in step 16.

18.When you can see this, tap the back arrow at the top that contains your email address, you will then be taken to the screen in step 16 below.
19. Now tap the back button at the top for mail which will return you to the mail account settings.
20. if you now press your home button on the front of the iPhone you will be taken back to the home screen as per the final step.

21. Your email account is fully setup and working, should you need any help, please contact us on 08456 120 330.

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Trouble with access blocked to Webmail?

Sometimes if you are trying to access your webmail from a work or other location, you may find that the page is not visible but your website is.

This is usually caused by the firewall at that location blocking ports 2095 ( webmail ).

You can bypass this block by formatting your url as follows

On your firewall at home ensure that ports 2082 and 2095 are both open to enable you to use either format

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New Website for Scotia

Welcome to our new website. For our 10th anniversary we thought it was time to give our own site a makeover.

We hope you enjoy looking around the new site.

If you require any information then please feel free to contact us using the option to the right hand side of the screen or via 07729 213 731.

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